Why The "WCW Nitro" Fan Was Removed At Last Night's RAW, Darren Young Update, Batista

- Darren Young noted on Twitter that he still has not been cleared to return to the ring. We noted before that he should be back in action this fall.

- Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy with Batista has officially broke the $550 million mark globally. It's now made $554,304,119. It will be released on DVD and Blu-ray this November.

- A WWE source noted to PWInsider that the fan with the "WCW Nitro" sign at last night's RAW was ejected from the building due to abrasive behavior, including throwing his signs in the air. He wasn't removed because of the signs. One fan wrote the following to us this afternoon:

"I was about 6 seats away from this guy and he had it coming. He appeared to be intoxicated, was chanting for Chris Benoit and was throwing his signs. We were glad to see him go. He left out a lot of details on his own behavior."


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