Wrestle-1 Rep Apologizes To Fans For Comments On The TNA Knockouts, Gail Kim Responds

- Wrestle-1's Jimmy Suzuki got heat from fans after comments he made last week about not having a Knockouts match at the TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Suzuki later defended his comments on Twitter:

"Sorry if anyone took wrong...I was event producer for NKPWA in Korea and always had girls in the show. Took some for Japan"

"I used to be the booker for JWP and Neo Lady's and helped Hustle.I brought many ladies from USA and Mexico. Including Rocken Robin, Sheryl Rusa Peggy Fowler , Nicole Bass, Cynthia Moreno, Rossy Moreno, Josselyn, and of cause Gail Kim to Korea."

TNA Knockout Gail Kim also defended Jimmy to fans:

"you're wrong about jimmy! He loves women's wrestling and respects it"


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