WWE Legend Says WWE Is Trying To Stop Him From Using His Name, Threatens To Sue

- WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man says WWE is trying to stop him from using that name and is challenging WWE to sue him before he sues them. Here are some of his tweets from Monday:

"HTM says to @WWE one more time WWE tries to stop HTM from using the HTM name,,HTM will go to the pay window in US Federal Court..."

"HTM says to all HTM followers, HTM owns the HTM name,@WWE it is in my release from the @WWE contract and in the HTM nostalgia @WWE contract"

"HTM says to all followers,,How would u feel when some tried to stop u from making a living #FREEHTM"

"HTM says to all HTM friends of color,, HTM understands having freedom taken away #FREEHTM"

"HTM does not bother @WWE business,, HTM could care F**ing less,,Why does @wwe f++K W/HTM?"

"HTM says he will never surrender to @WWE a public traded company who uses Philistine tactics on HTM to try to starve his family #FREEHTM"

"HTM says to all followers, stop the BS,, HTM owns the name,, @WWE does not. own the HTM name but tries to stop HTM from appearing at events"

"HTM issues a challenge to @WWE to sue HTM over the HTM name. #FREEHTM"

"HTM begs @WWE to sue HTM over ownership of HTM name. Please fans tweet @WWE to sue HTM over HTM name,,Please @WWE sue HTM before HTM sues u"