Audio: Vader Talks Crazy Scissor Fight Between Sid Vicious And Arn Anderson, Saving Sid's Life

As noted earlier, I recently interviewed former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Leon "Big Van Vader" White. In the clip above, Vader discussed the crazy fight between Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious in a hotel room in the U.K. in 1993, which resulted in both men getting stabbed by scissors. Anderson suffered twenty stabs to the chest and stomach, while Sid was stabbed four times. Vader was at the hotel when the fight took place and noted that he made have saved Sid's life.

"It was either just to the left of his belly button or just to the right of his belly button, he had a hole in him and I looked and he was doing the Frankenstein walk and he just said, 'Leon, Leon,' and I said 'Oh sh--' and I looked and it about a nickel sized stream of blood squirted out every time his heart pumped," Vader said. "It came out about four inches before it fell down, it wasn't trickling down his stomach, it was squirting out, and it came out about two to three inches and then it dropped and I thought to myself, 'He's not going to last long, he'll bleed to death.' I said 'Sid, trust me,' and I grabbed a chair and I sat down and said, 'Sid, don't move, you're gonna die' and I slowly eased my thumb into that hole and higher and he said, 'You're hurting me.' and I said, 'You gotta take it' and I got it in there a little bit more and it slowed the bleeding enough and kept him alive until the ambulance came."

You can hear Vader tell the whole story in the video above. You can also read my entire interview with Vader by clicking here.


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