Carlito Talks Working With Ric Flair, Beating John Cena, Royal Rumble Rumors, Leaving WWE, More

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On the latest episode of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, I had the pleasure to speak with former Intercontinental and United States Champion Carlito. In this interview, he had much to share concerning his lineage as a Colon, experience with WWE, current endeavors, and more. Here are some highlights:

His first match with John Cena, winning the US Title:

"It was more just nerves. I was like man I have to go out there and [fight] the company's top guy, got to go out there and perform. I was more worried about executing my job correctly and doing a good job than actually thinking about what was happening."

His early days in the WWE:

"I just remember getting injured not too far from my start. I wish I had not been injured for those couple of months, I felt I could have had a better rivalry with John Cena. [Jesús is] a good dude, I still see him from time to time at different shows. I always got along with him. They always liked putting me with people, I always like being by myself. I just felt better on my own, but me and Jesús could have done some more stuff, I was just injured at the time."

Feuding with Ric Flair:

"Looking back, I assume it was great. Of course it is great to go in there with a guy like Ric Flair. A great learning experience, but at the time it was just another day at the job. Just go out there and entertain the people."

His departure from WWE:

"I probably was just burnt out and tired of being frustrated. I'm weird like that, once I check out, I just really didn't care about anything. I was just counting my days to get away. Some time off would have been healthy for me."

Past rumors of surprise Royal Rumble entrant and talks with TNA:

"None of them were true. I think they only said the Royal Rumble one because I was in the same town. I get it, they were just trying to stir up controversy, it's what you do to get excited over something, so it was good on their part. TNA, I had a couple talks with people, but didn't go far. Just at that time, I was done with American TV wrestling, I just needed time to get myself together. Even if I went to TNA, I felt like I wouldn't have been able to help out. I was still mentally checked out."

Carlito also talks teaming with his brother, introducing his father into the WWE Hall of Fame, and his thoughts on Vince McMahon, John Cena and Triple H. You can listen to the full interview above.


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