Ezekiel Jackson Talks Lucha Underground, Being The Final ECW Champion, WrestleMania 27 & More

In this interview with Gary Mehaffy, Ezekiel Jackson, who now appears for Lucha Underground, discussed his time in WWE, his life before wrestling, his hopes for the future of Lucha Underground and more. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Getting involved with Lucha Underground:

"I don't know if he wants me to say his name, but one of the former head writers in WWE is there also. He called me in June, I think, and said "I would really like you to come and be a part of this." It was something I was just waiting for over the summer. It was based out of L.A., which means I could drive to and from (the tapings). They're focused more on the television aspect of it so we don't have to travel to different cities to perform. That made it a lot more enticing for me."

Who to look out for in Lucha Underground:

"The stuff Fenix and Drago can (do). Ricochet – Prince Puma – John Morrison. If you remember John Morrison from the WWE – the stuff that he did there and now he's got people that will be able to match him. It's ridiculous. My wife walked away from the first night and she said to Morrison – Johnny Mundo – and to Prince Puma and she said "I've never sat and enjoyed a match as much as yours."

His thoughts on his 8 man tag team match at WrestleMania 27:

"(Laughs) We were given a time for that match. We had a great match planned. As soon as we got to, basically, Gorilla (position) we were told "You just lost half your time." …..But for me, it was bigger than the match for me. The year before, April 3rd 2010, I was burying my dad. And here, April 3rd 2011, I'm walking out in front of 84,000 people to have a match at WrestleMania. Emotionally, spiritually, whatever you want to say, it was bigger for me….I think I threw one clothesline to the Big Show, then Kane booted me in the face and Kofi jumped on me on the outside. For whatever it could have been as a match, I felt fulfilled for being able to perform at WrestleMania."

Being the final ECW Champion:

"History says that once you have a championship that means they have something, that they see something in you. I get criticised – there are fans that are going to say whatever they're going to say. But for me, they saw something in me. They were probably going to use me in another way, shape or form but sadly a month, or a month and a half after, that's when I tore my quad. I have no idea what was planned, what was going down, what was going to happen…….Five months later I came back and they started moving me towards the IC Title. Maybe something was planned, maybe something was changed, I don't know. I am the final ECW Champion – whether you want to say WWECW or you want to say ECW. It's in the history books that I was a one time World Champion, which I am very thankful for."

How his faith impacts his wrestling career:

"Without Christ I'd be nobody. I'm a Christian. For a long time, and it hasn't been as much lately, but when I'd tweet a scripture I'd get replies saying "If there's a God, why does he allow bad things to happen?" It's funny that people who don't believe in God always want God when bad things are happening, you know what I mean? For me, it's my life. I have a standard in my house – God, my wife, my kids. Everything else comes after that."

We had the opportunity to talk about so much more in the interview. We discussed his love for ROH, how he ended up in TNA this past summer and how his injuries affected his time in WWE. We talked about the future of Lucha Underground, their contracts, the mix of wrestlers on the roster and its rabid fan base. We also looked at growing up as a wrestling fan, choosing wrestling over Law School, which wrestler he has known since he has known since high school, his online training business, how the death of his father affected him, how his being a Christian plays out on Twitter and much more.


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