John Morrison Reveals Why He Left WWE

Former WWE superstar John Morrison has remained out of the spotlight in the years since his WWE departure. With a slew of new direct-to-DVD movie roles and a roster spot on the new Lucha Underground program, he's resurfaced.

There were question marks surrounding his WWE departure in November 2011, with most expecting an eventual comeback. Although that comeback has yet to happen on the National scene, he has still worked on various independent shows. Last week on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast, Morrison spoke about why he left WWE.

"They wanted me to sign for 5-years," Morrison said. "I might not be able to move the way I did in my prime, and I figured if I wanted to do an action movie the way I wanted to, the time is now."

Morrison also stated that he had to heal up from a neck injury in which he'd had surgery on earlier in 2011. He was urged by Triple H, John Laurinaitis and the WWE offices to return as quickly as possible, before he had fully healed. Lingering injuries contributed to his decision to take time off.

Morrison has since starred in the film "Hercules Reborn" and will be one of the headlining acts on the aforementioned Lucha Underground show on the El Rey network. To listen to the entire interview with Morrison, you can click here.


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