Los Matadores Send "Cartoonish" Promos For WWC, Older Fans Turning On Them?, El Torito

- As noted, WWE tag team Los Matadores will be working the big WWC anniversary show on October 25th in Puerto Rico. The Colons have a clause in their contract that allows them to work certain WWC events. We now know that El Torito will be with them as they face WWC Tag Team Champions Ash & William de la Vega.

Los Matadores recently sent promos in to hype the show on WWC TV and they were said to be very cartoonish with the two using fake accents and claiming to be from Spain. Fans know that it's Eddie & Orlando Colon behind the Matadores masks but some people feel that older fans might turn on the team, who are usually favorites, for pretending to be from Spain and doing such a bad promo while going for the tag titles.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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