Lucha Underground Results (10/29): Johnny Mundo Vs. Prince Puma, Chavo Guerrero, Blue Demon Jr

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- The show opens with a really cinematic introduction playing up the legacy and heritage of lucha libre. It features authority figure Dario Cueto making the announcement that he's bringing lucha libre back to America.

- Matt Striker and Vampiro are shown in the commentary booth welcoming everyone to the show. Lucha Underground owner Dario Cueto makes his way out with a briefcase and introduces himself. He states that this is more about honor, courage and violence than children cheering on their heroes. Cueto says the man who impresses him the most tonight will receive a $100,00 bonus.

Blue Demon Jr vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr

This is a big opener for Lucha Underground, with the former NWA World Champion Blue Demon Jr, taking on Chavo Guerrero, who has held titles all over the world.

The two start off essentially putting on a lucha libre demonstration, putting over the athleticism and competition aspects of the style. Lucha Underground also has a plethora of camera angles, including a top down view not seen much in wrestling.

After the two trade headlocks Chavo is sent outside and Demon hits him with a baseball slide. Demon goes outside, chops Chavo and sends him back inside. In the ring, Chavo manages to land a big DDT and Demon is sent reeling. Chavo lands a suicide dive, and rolls Demon back in the ring.

Chavo goes to the top, but is knocked down by Demon, who climbs up himself. Demon comes up empty on a somersault senton. Chavo places Demon on the top rope and tries a flying triangle, which is turned into a powerbomb.

Back on the mat Demon locks in El Pulpo, which is a Sharpshooter with an arm hold. This makes Chavo submit.

Winner: Blue Demon Jr

- Cueto is shown in his office with Konnan, and asks Konnan to work for him. Konnan isn't interested in working for anyone, but is interested in the money. Cueto says that they have the best free agent in wrestling in Johnny Mundo (Morrison) and need to make an example out of him. Cueto promises Konnan the $100,000 if he can make that happen. Again, these segments are very cinematic and unlike anything else in wrestling.

- Konnan is in another vignette explaining the importance of a mask to lucha libre. Konnan's protege Prince Puma is also put over big.

Inter-Gender Match
Son Of Havoc vs. Sexy Star

Sexy Star is a 32-year old 8-year pro, and Son Of Havoc says he isn't fighting a woman. He tells her to leave the ring and get herself counted out to save herself for another day. She runs back in at five and goes on the offensive but keeps getting shoved off.

Son of Havoc knocks Star down with a shoulder block, and then misses on a springboard moonsault before being met with a huracanrana. Star smacks the hell out of him and goes up top for a big flying body press. Son of Havoc catches her off the ropes with a big backbreaker and holds the tights for the victory.

Winner: Son Of Havoc

- Dario Cueto is backstage running down Chavo Guerrero for tapping out and embarrassing the Guerrero family legacy. He tells Chavo that he's not getting the $100,000 tonight and since he didn't finish Blue Demon Jr off, that he's bringing in someone who can. Cueto says once he brings this person in, there's no stopping him.

Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma

"Mundo" chants immediately break out, which Johnny Mundo acknowledges. Mundo shoulderblocks Prince but Puma immediately kicks back up to his feet and grabs an arm ringer. Mundo reverses it as Puma tries to backflip out of it but ends up caught with a spinebuster.

Puma avoids a kick with another backflip and lands one of his own. If you've not seen Prince Puma before, his in-ring style is breathtaking. A double backlip into a headscissors, followed by a spinning armbar from Puma and the crowd is going crazy.

Mundo stops Prince's momentum with a backbreaker, a hotshot and a spinning kick that sends Puma from the ring. The cheers for Mundo are still loud but Puma has won some fans over with his style. Puma catches Mundo with a drop kick and then does a springboard senton and then works a leg-full nelson.

Mundo grabs Puma's leg, but Puma catches Mundo with a big enziguri and both guys are outside. The two are brawling outside and Mundo does an insane parkour move off the top of the announce desk, then tosses Puma into the ring post. Mundo tosses Puma in the ring but only gets a two count.

Mundo works a rear chinlock and goes to work on the neck of Puma, but Prince Puma hits a big kick to even things up. Back on the feet Puma goes to work with a bevy of strikes but only gets two on a springboard body press. Puma follows up with a standing star press right out of Mundo's playbook.

Mundo hits a few clotheslines and a jumping calf kick, and then drives a knee into Puma's face for the two count. Mundo looks like he wants to land Starship Pain, but Puma rolls him up for a two count.

A brief exchange leads to Mundo going for Starship Pain again, but Puma moves. Mundo lands on his feet but runs right into a top rope knee from Puma. Prince eats canvas on a springboard 450. Mundo lands Moonlight Drive, C4 and Starship Pain for the victory.

Winner: Johnny Mundo

- After the match the two competitors shake hands. Dario Cueto makes his way to the ring with the briefcase of money. Dario says that Mundo has earned the money, but doesn't give it to him. Two wrestlers and Rycklon (formerly Ezekiel Jackson) come to the ring and destroy both Puma and Mundo. Cueto says he's been scouting the best talents in the world, and the three attackers work for him. This closes the show.


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