Matt Striker On How Lucha Underground Differs From Other Wrestling Shows, Viewing Party Tonight

Lucha Underground is set to premeire this week, featuring a slew of familiar faces and fresh stars.

One of those familiar faces in Matt Striker, who will be in the commentary booth alongside Vampiro. After working for years on the national wrestling scene, Striker says he's back, better than ever, and excited about Lucha Underground. He's not alone, as the likes of Johnny Mundo (John Hennigan) and Chavo Guerrero will also be joining him.

Striker recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. about the show, and what the fans can look forward to.

"Mark Burnett teamed up with Robert Rodriguez and the folks at the El Rey Network to give people something different. The 'wrestling market' has been a one horse town for quite some time. The wrestling fan has something to look forward to, but there's the fan of action, soap operas, dramas. There's a lot of genres out there attracting large fanbases and Lucha Underground has their arms in those genres," Striker said.

Striker also is adamant in his belief that Lucha Underground is going to provide a different type of program than anything else on cable, not just sports-entertainment programming.

"You're going to see a lot more wrestling," said Striker. "That's one word that draws people in. It's not 'the talking show,' and it's not 'the vignette show,' it's not personal issues between two twin sisters. While I'm not giving that any discredit, you're actually going to get wrestling and see matches in their entirety. If we break from commercial, we come back and give you more wrestling. For my tastes, the stuff I fell in love with the wrestling and the in-ring story I never fell in love with the t-shirts and the backstage talking segments, I fell in love with the wrestling. You're going to get a lot of wrestling, and a lot of companies are afraid to give you wrestling."

Lucha Underground premieres tonight at 8pm ET on the El Rey Network, and Wrestling Inc will be hosting a live viewing party for the program. If you have DirecTV, you can find the show on channel 341, or check your local listings. You can check out a screenshot from the series below.

Johnny Mundo faces Prince Puma. Lucha Underground debuts tonight on the El Rey Network at 8 pm ET

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