Mick Foley Talks Quitting WWE After Montreal, Chris Jericho Signing Report, Undertaker Artifacts

- You can watch the latest episode of WWE Warehouse in the video above, which features several Undertaker artifacts, including the tombstones from the most recent "Buried Alive" match between The Undertaker and Kane, and the first "Buried Alive" match between The Undertaker and Mankind.

- Seaway News has an article and interview here with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who was promoting his one-man comedy show in Cornwall, Ontario on Wednesday, October 22nd. During the article, Foley talked about returning to the city for the first time since he briefly quit WWE in 1997 after the Montreal Screwjob.

"This will be my first return to Cornwall since '97 when I quit WWE over the Montreal Screwjob with Bret Hart," Foley told chinlock.com. "There was a Monday Night Raw that I missed following that pay-per-view out of protest. Then when my wife read my contract to me over the phone and I realized I'd just breached my contract and couldn't work anywhere in the world for five years, I did return in Cornwall. I try to take every city where I've had history and incorporate it into the show."

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- Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Leslie Sisodia for sending in this report from Chris Jericho's book signing in Staten Island, New York this week:

"There was about 300-400 people attending. That's a good amount of people for such a small community! I came about 4:30PM and stood up for a while. Everyone was split depending on your color wristband. I was blue, meaning the blue wrist-banded people were the last group to go. Around 5:00PM, the workers started lining everyone up. I was the fourth one in line for the blue group. At around 6:30, the Red and Gold group were lining up inside and about 6:50PM, the blue group went in (20 people were allowed to go in for the blue group so the others had to wait approximately 20-30 mins).

"At 8:50-9:00, I got to get my autograph (photos will probably be in the comments) and Chris was amazing! He was wearing a blackish suit and had his signature sunglasses on with his signature hair. I gave him a drawing and letter and was really cool about it. I was actually a bit nervous and talked with him for about 15-20 seconds or less. He was like, 'Hey man! How are ya? Thanks for coming!' as he signed the book, but the lady was rushing and I understood her point. So I ended up smiling at the camera with him staring at me for like 5 seconds expecting me to say something back. I then said, 'Hey, you're really awesome!,' to which he replied, 'Thanks man!'

"He was kind and friendly and was just great! I hope he comes back or something because he brought a great feeling! This is exactly why he's one of my favorite wrestlers of all time."


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