Rob Van Dam In If He Will Return To WWE, Moments That Scared WWE Stars, Ricky Steamboat

- After wrapping up his latest WWE run last month, Rob Van Dam feels he has "some unfinished business to take care of."

In a new video interview released today, RVD addressed his future with the sports-entertainment organization.

"Myself and Chris Jericho have kind of the same deal where we come and go with short term contracts that are timed around ... what works best for us but also in agreement with what works best for them too," Van Dam said. "Right now, I just finished my contract at the end of September and I'm on off time right now. When I'm ready to go back, I most likely will do another run with WWE but there's no guarantees, no obligations. It's just kind of the common thought that that will happen. I definitely have some unfinished business to take care of."

- WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat is being advertised to appear for Pro Championship Wrestling on Saturday, Dec. 13 at Addison Park District 120 Oak St. Addison, Illinois.

- With Halloween taking place tomorrow, asked the Superstars and Divas what moments in sports-entertainment history scared them the most when they were kids. Both Kofi Kingston and Hornswoggle admit to being disturbed by Papa Shango's encounters with Ultimate Warrior in 1992.

"When Papa Shango put the hex on Ultimate Warrior and green slime started coming down Warrior's face, that was pretty scary to me," Kingston said.

Hornswoggle recalled, "I was deftly afraid of Papa Shango. He made my No. 1 guy vomit and made black stuff come out of his head scared me to death. I would say Papa Shango is the scariest Superstar in WWE history."

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