Snitsky Says TNA Not Bringing Him Back Is "Their Loss," Brooke Talks The Amazing Race (Video)

- Gene Snitsky, who briefly appeared for TNA over the summer, feels the wrestling organization is making a mistake by not bringing him back after his character was written off television.

At an Impact Wrestling taping in New York City in June, Snitsky, along with Rycklon (formerly known as Ezekiel Jackson), debuted for the company as villains, attacking Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray and Devon during a Street Fight and aligning with Dixie Carter?the episode aired on July 24. Both former WWE Superstars were fired by Carter on the August 7 show after losing an Eight-Man Hardcore War pitting Team EC3 (EC3, Rhino, Rycklon and Snitsky) against Team Bully (Bully Ray, Devon, Tommy Dreamer and Al Snow).

Snitsky was recently asked on Twitter whether he still wrestles for TNA and responded, "who? Lol." Later, a fan said Impact drew its greatest viewership spike in months with the segment featuring Snitsky and Rycklon's debut. In response to this, Snitsky remarked, "their loss..... #itsnotmyfault." He also said "their loss" in response to a fan expressing his disappointment with TNA not continuing to utilize Snitsky.

Snitsky has also posted a few messages saying "#Snitskyequalsratings."

Rycklon also responded to a Twitter question asking whether he's still affiliated with TNA. He wrote, "Was just for 3 weeks."

- In her latest video blog, Brooke discusses the latest episode of The Amazing Race on CBS where she and Robbie E (known as "The Wrestlers") finished in second place in the race competition. She also previews her trip to Africa on this week's episode.