"Stone Cold" Steve Austin On If He Had Any Fights Outside Of The Ring

WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is featured on the latest episode of the BroBible podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes by clicking here. During the episode, Austin discussed the possibility of one last match in the WWE, his Broken Skull Ranch course and more. He was also asked if he had been in any fights outside of the ring.

"As a Hollywood Blonde, Brian Pillman and I had some pretty good heat, but it was well past the time in our industry where you had to worry about a fan trying something on the way back to the dressing room," Austin said. "I've heard stories of guys having to fight their way back to the locker room and getting stuck with knives or people try to cut them back when wrestling was quote, unquote real.

"I've never personally had any altercations with fans in an arena or out in public. The worst I'd get was maybe some drunk guy at a bar wanted to arm wrestle but I'd usually just defuse the situation with a 'hey man let me buy you a beer' and things would blow over. Thankfully, but almost regretfully, none of those old 'drunk guy at a bar' ever transcended into an altercation with me just because a wrestler always wants one old war story to tell."

Source: BroBible Podcast


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