TNA Bound For Glory: Low Ki Vs. Kaz Hayashi Vs. Samoa Joe (X Division Title Match)

- We get pre-recorded comments from Samoa Joe. He says he wondered why he took this mission and then realized it was to bring the X Division, the greatest division in the world, into the spotlight. Joe talks about his opponents and says he will leave the X Division Champion tonight.

TNA X Division Title Match: Low Ki vs. Kaz Hayashi vs. Samoa Joe

We go to the ring and out comes Low Ki to a pop. Former WCW star Kaz Hayashi is out next. TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe is out next to a decent reaction.

Ki strikes first and sends Hayashi out of the ring for a breather with one single shot to the stomach. Joe and Ki go at it but Hayashi comes in and nails Ki. Joe decks Hayashi from behind. Joe with a headbutt to Ki and right hands to Hayashi. Joe with a big chop to Hayashi's back and a kick to his face. Joe with a 2 count after a knee. Hayashi with a cheap shot to take control of Joe. Hayashi dumps Joe over the top rope. Ki works Hayashi over now. Ki ends up dropkicking Joe through the ropes. Hayashi drops Ki with a spin kick. Joe comes to the apron and Hayashi tries to suplex him in. Joe counters and brings Hayashi to the apron. Joe takes him out with a big chop. Ki nails a springboard kick to Joe for a 2 count. Ki throws Joe out of the ring as fans chant "this is awesome" and Ki trades chops with Hayashi on the floor. Joe runs over them both with a double clothesline and fans cheer.

Joe and Hayashi are in the ring now. Joe hits the inverted atomic drop, big boot and the back splash for a 2 count as Ki breaks the pin. Ki mounts Joe in the corner with elbows to the head. Joe comes back with a powerbomb style pin for a 2 count and keeps it held for a submission. Joe moves into a STF but Ki won't tap. Hayashi tries to break the hold but just applies a STF on both Joe and Ki at the same time. They break and Hayashi hits Joe. Joe fires back with right and left slaps. Hayashi fires back with rapid fire kicks to the face. Hayashi drops Joe with a neckbreaker for a 2 count after Joe gets fired up. Hayashi tries to lift Joe on his shoulders but Ki dropkicks them both. Hayashi puts Ki on his shoulders but it's countered. Ki ends up hitting Warrior's Way for a pin attempt. Hayashi leaps out onto Joe but Joe ran in before he could get out. Joe runs the ropes and dives out, taking Hayashi and Ki down. Fans chant for TNA. Joe with chops to Hayashi now. He brings him back in. Joe catches Hayashi in mid-air and slams him. Joe calls for the Musclebuster and fans chant his name. Joe goes for the Musclebuster on Hayashi but Ki comes in. Joe moves and Ki kicks Hayashi in the head.

Ki and Joe trade vicious shots into the corner. Joe ends up getting the Kochina clutch on Ki for the win as Ki passes out in the hold.

Winner: Samoa Joe

- After the match, JB interviews Joe in the ring. Fans chant Joe's name. Joe talks about the Japanese fans and says TNA is here to start a new wrestling revolution with Wrestle-1. He says he is Samoa Joe, this is Bound For Glory and he is pro wrestling.


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