TNA Bound For Glory: MVP Vs. Kazma Sakamoto

- We get a look at Team 3D defeating Beer Money at Lockdown 2009.

- We get a video from the night before of MVP. He says some are fans of sports entertainment but some, like himself, are fans of the art of wrestling. He says people ask him why he walked away from a multi-million dollar position (with WWE) to go compete in Japan. MVP says he looks for a challenge and the best wrestlers are found in Japan. He wanted to test himself to prove that he's a premiere wrestler on the planet. He says his heroes, guys like Muta and Misawa, strike fear in the hearts of other peoples heroes, sports entertainers. MVP says he has had success in Japan and now he's back. He's done his homework on Sakamoto and he's not impressed.

MVP vs. Sakamoto

We go to the ring and out comes MVP to a pop. Kazma Sakamoto is out next. He previously worked in WWE as Tensai's assistant.

They lock up and go at it. MVP drops Sakamoto with a shoulder and dusts his shoulder off. Fans chant for MVP and Sakamoto doesn't like it. They lock up and go to the ropes. More back and forth, and some stalling. They meet in the middle with shoulders. MVP grabs Sakamoto's hair and unloads on him. MVP with a slam. MVP goes for the Ballin' elbow drop but Sakamoto slides to the floor. MVP leaps out of the ring and takes Sakamoto down to a big pop. Fans cheer for MVP now. MVP pulls Sakamoto but he holds onto the barrier. Sakamoto with a cheap shot. MVP whips Sakamoto into the barrier and hits a huge Drive By kick.

MVP brings it back in for a 2 count. Sakamoto with a shot to the throat and a flurry of shots in the corner. Fans boo Sakamoto as he puts a boot to the throat in the corner. Sakamoto with kicks to the leg and a 1 count. Sakamoto with a face plant. Sakamoto misses twice and MVP makes a comeback with rights. MVP unloads in the corner and hits a nice suplex. MVP jumps to his feet as fans pop. MVP drops Sakamoto againa nd hits the Ballin' elbow drop. MVP with a Fisherman's suplex for 2. Sakamoto dodges a kick and nails a big kick to MVP's face for 2. Sakamoto with a running kick for another 2 count. MVP blocks a knee and rolls Sakamoto up for 2. MVP dropkicks the leg out. MVP with a modified Shining Wizard for the win.

Winner: MVP


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