TNA Bound For Glory: Tajiri And The Great Muta Vs. The Great Sanada And James Storm

- We get pre-recorded comments from James Storm. Storm talks about how Sanada was lost under the guidance of The Great Muta. He says Muta may be number one but there's always room for a new one. We get a video package for this feud.

The Great Muta and Tajiri vs. Jame Storm and The Great Sanada

We go to the ring for tonight's main event and out first comes James Storm. Storm cuts a promo and introduces himself. He says fans can boo him if they want but he took one of their own and turned him against his mentor. Storm tells everyone to stand and show respect for The Great Sanada as he makes his way out. Tajiri makes his way out next followed by The Great Muta to a pop.

Muta and Tajiri spit double mist as the bell rings. Sanada starts with Muta and they lock up but go to the mat after a takedown by Muta. They trade holds on the mat. They get to their feet but end up back on the mat and show each other up. Sanada spits in the air and taunts Muta. Storm tags in as does Tajiri. Tajiri ends up hitting kicks but Storm whips him into the ropes. Tajiri with a clothesline attempt. Tajiri grabs Storm's beard. Storm with a clothesline. Sanada comes back in and works Tajiri over on the ropes. Sanada runs the ropes and dives but ends up on the floor. He comes back on the apron but Tajiri kicks him into the barrier. Tajiri follows but Sanada goes under the ring. Tajiri follows him under the ring.

Nobody can find Sanada or Tajiri. They finally come back up and Tajiri's face is covered in mist. Storm comes in and works Tajiri over now. Storm mocks Muta and spits on him after tagging Sanada back in. Sanada works Tajiri over for a 2 count. Storm comes back in and they double team Tajiri. Storm drops a knee and Sanada hits a dropkick for a 2 count. Tajiri with elbows now. They go at it but Storm comes in to drop Tajiri and fans boo. The referee argues with Storm to get out of the ring. Sanada comes in and decks Tajiri with some kind of baton. Sanada with a 2 count. Tajiri hits a big back elbow off the ropes and takes Sanada down. Muta tags in and kicks Sanda's leg out. Muta catches a kick and whips Sanada. Muta tosses Sanada to the floor and follows. Muta uses the same weapon that Sanada just used on Tajiri. Muta with a chair shot to the side of the head. Muta chokes Sanada with a cable now. Fans chant for Muta as he rolls Sanada in the ring. Muta drops Sanada and drops a spinning elbow for a 2 count as Storm makes the save. Storm with knees to the face on Muta. Storm nails a flying elbow drop and Sanada hits a moonsault for a 2 count as Tajiri makes the save.

Tajiri tosses Sanada and fights Storm off. Tajiri throws Storm to the outside. Tajiri drops Sanada with a kick. The referee goes down. Tajiri spits mist but Sanada ducks. Sanada comes off the top and catches mist from both Muta and Tajiri.Tajiri with a kick. Muta nails a Shining Wizard on Sanada for the win.

Winners: Tajiri and The Great Muta

- After the match, Storm looks on from the ramp as Muta talks with Tajiri. Sanada is laid out in the corner. Storm attacks Muta and Tajiri from behind. He kicks Tajiri out of the ring and whistles to the back. Manik runs out and works over Muta. Storm chokes Muta with a bull rope. Team 3D's music hits and out they come to a pop. Bully takes out Sanada and they both work on Storm. Muta spits mist in Storm's face and then Storm eats a 3D. Team 3D's music hits as they get a pop and Muta spits mist in the air. Muta makes his exit. Storm, Sanada and Manik look on from the ramp before making their exit. Bound For Glory goes off the air with Team 3D posing in the corners.