TNA Bound For Glory: Velvet Sky Vs. Havok (Knockouts Title Match)

- We get pre-recorded comments from Velvet Sky. It's her first time in Japan but she's hoping it's not her last. Sh talks about Havok next. Velvet says she wants the Knockouts Title, the odds are in her favor and she's not afraid of Havok.

- We get a video package for Havok and her Knockouts Title win.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Velvet Sky vs. Havok

We go to the ring and out first comes Velvet Sky to a decent reaction. TNA Knockouts Champion Havok is out next.

Havok charges but Velvet moves twice. Velvet gets a few shots in and a clothesline but Havok won't go down. Velvet with kicks and forearms but Havok still won't go down. Havok stumbles around as Velvet keeps up the attack. Velvet comes off the second rope three times. Velvet runs the ropes but Havok catches her and drops her over the knee. Havok beats Velvet back down and into the corner. Havok yells at the referee and goes back to hitting Velvet with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Velvet says Havok is crazy. Havok drops Velvet over knee and holds it. Velvet starts to fight back but Havok cuts her off and applies a bear hug.

Havok barks at the referee again and slams Velvet. Velvet looks to make another comeback and staggers Havok with a clothesline and many forearms. Havok counters with an elbow but Velvet takes her down with a scissors. Velvet with a crossbody off the second rope for a 2 count. Velvet comes off the second rope again but Havok catches her and applies the bear hug. Havok rag dolls Velvet for just a second and Velvet submits.

Winner: Havok


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