TNA Impact Wrestling Results: New Tag Tournament Begins, New Stipulation In Next Week's Title Match

Welcome to's live coverage and results for Impact. Tonight's show was taped a few weeks ago.

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Tonight's show opens with another look at last week's senses-shattering four-way number one contender's match and some words from Bobby Roode. We also hear The Wolves' challenge to the TNA roster. Looks like tonight is a loaded show, for sure.

Jeff Hardy's music hits and Matt hits the ramp. He climbs into the ring and grabs a mic. He announces that he'll be partnering with his brother Jeff for a run at the tag belts. They're taking on DJ Z and Jessie Godderz tonight.

Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. DJ Z and Jessie Godderz

DJ Z goes for some cheap heat by spiking up his hair while he's facing off with Matt. They grapple back and forth to warm up and then the advantage shifts to Matt. Jessie comes in to try and shake things up and both Hardys take him out and then double-team DJ Z. There doesn't seem to be a five-count from the ref on this double-team, either because it goes on forever. Jeff is the legal man and before long, Jessie is in there with a tag and he overpowers Jeff. Jeff comes back just enough to tag in Matt and they double-team again. Matt tries to get the jump on Jessie but Z distracts him and Jessie gets the jump on him. Godderz stays in control and tags in DJ Z who brings Matt down to the mat for a while. Hardy battles back and they trade blows. Both dudes end up on the mat and then crawl for their respective corners, each getting a tag. Jeff and Jessie battle again and Jeff earns one near fall and then another. DJ Z breaks up the second one and Jeff hits him with a Whisper in the Wind. Jessie jumps on Jeff for a near fall. Jeff ends up tagging in Matt, hitting a swanton and then Matt covers for the three-count. Hardys advance.

Result: Matt & Jeff Hardy defeat DJ Z and Jessie Godderz via pinfall.

Promos roll, followed by commercials.

Bram is in the ring after the break and he recounts his feud with Abyss and then sends out a wicked public taunting to Devon. Devon heads out and it's a big ol' rumble. The guys brawl in and out of the ring. Devon gains momentum when they make it back inside and starts choking Bram and slamming his head on to the mat. Angle comes out as security breaks up the scrum. Kurt announces a hardcore match for sometime later tonight.

Backstage, Brittany makes eyes at Samuel Shaw and they have a cryptic convo. Then, more commercials.

Low Ki is in the house when we return to the show. He calls out Samoa Joe to be his partner in the tag tournament. Samuel Shaw comes out and says he'll partner with Gunner. This should be something.

Low Ki and Samoa Joe vs. Samuel Show and Gunner

Joe and Shaw square off and it already looks like a mismatch. Joe powers him into a corner and peppers Shaw with punches. Low Ki gets tagged in and they double-team briefly and Low Ki caps it off with a move off the ropes and a near fall. Shaw manages to tag in Gunner and he goes at it with Low Ki. As momentum shifts to Gunner, Brittany strolls out to hang with Shaw at ringside. Gunner stays on top of Low Ki for a spell. He tags in Shaw who tries for a pinfall. Shaw tags out quickly and Gunner resumes his work on Low Ki. He goes up top and it looks like Brittany is calling Shaw over to dump Gunner off his perch. Gunner waves her off and runs into a kick from Low Ki. Joe gets tagged in and picks up a near fall. He tries to follow up with a muscle buster and Gunner turns it into something like a facebuster. Gunnner tries to come at Joe off the ropes and Brittany grabs his leg. Low Ki runs in and cracks Gunner in the head with a kick and Joe gets him in the choke. Gunner taps and Low Ki and Joe advance.

Low Ki and Samoa Joe defeat Samuel Shaw and Gunner.

Post-match, Gunner scolds Brittany and Shaw attacks the big guy with a chair. Brittany loves it.

Backstage, EC3 and Tyrus discuss entering the tag team tournament.

After the break, MVP says he's not too worried about Lashley facing Roode for the title.

Inside the venue, The Menagerie's music hits. Rebel comes out for a match with Angelina Love and before anything can happen with that, Havok charges out and totally works her over. Then Gail Kim comes out, ostensibly to make the save. Havok trashes her too. Refs and TNA officials break it up but Gail goes at Havok again and has to be pulled off. The announce team isn't sure if she's medically cleared. Commercial sign.

Off the commercial, Kurt Angle says he'll raise the stakes for the title match when Roode and Lashley are face to face later on.

Devon vs. Bram

Bram runs at Devon and swings at him with that metal turnbuckle thingy. Devon dodges it and moves the fight to the ring. A couple moves later, Bram is chucked outside. Devon follows him out and hits him in the face with a water bottle. He keeps up the offense and sets up some spots by getting out a trashcan and other stuff. Devon totally dominates the match until Bram gets in a decent shot with a trashcan. Bram gets Devon on his knees and chides him but Devon delivers a low blow and he's back in charge. He lays a crushed trashcan on Bram and goes up top but Magnus runs in and cracks him with a kendo stick. Bram lands a blow with the turnbuckle piece and covers for the win.

Result: Bram defeats Devon via pinfall.

Backstage, Ken Anderson taps Sarge to be his tag partner against MVP and Kenny King. Then, commercials happen.

Backstage, Ken Anderson taps Sarge to be his tag partner against MVP and Kenny King.

Ken Anderson and Sarge vs. MVP and Kenny King

MVP and King get some boos by hopping on one leg in front of Sarge. The bell wings and the bad guys slip outside. The ref isn't even counting. Anderson looks strong to start but MVP hits him from outside and King takes advantage. He stays on top and then tags MVP in who keeps it up. Anderson stumbles to his feet and both guys collide and collapse after mutual clotheslines. They race (slowly) to their corners or tags. King comes in and Sarge hip-tosses him. After a few more moves, Sarge hits a fisherman's suplex and gets a near fall. He then hoists King on his shoulders but MVP breaks up that move. Anderson jumps in, MVP comes at him and Sarge hits him with a blocking move. But King sneaks a roll-up and holds Sarge's tights for the pin. MVP and King advance.

MVP and Kenny King defeat Ken Anderson and Sarge via pinfall.

Another backstage segment rolls. Eric Young tries to talk Spud into being his partner for the tag series. Break time.

The Wolves chat about how ready they are and then James Storm interrupts and presents Manik to talk to Davy about revolution…

Inside the venue, EC3's music hits. Sounds like trouble. After Carter and Tyrus are in the ring, EY emerges and says Rock Star Spud will be his partner but Spud doesn't come out. EC3 takes to the mic and says that the "I'm With Spud" movement is a sham and that Spud is a loser. Out comes Spud.

Eric Young and Rock Star Spud vs. EC3 and Tyrus

After the bell, it looks like EY will start against EC3 but he tags in Spud and the crowd approves. Spud and Carter stand toe to toe and EC3 laughs in his face and tags in Tyrus. Another face off ensues and Spud looks for the tag but Young encourages him to stay in. Spud moves quickly off the ropes hitting Tyrus with some swift kicks but Tyrus responds with a head butt to the sternum and then lands a heart punch. Tyrus dominates Spud and Tenay follows up on the heart punch with a reference to Ox Baker's passing. Tyrus keeps up the drubbing and Spud gets a slight glimmer of hope but he doesn't tag out. Tyrus slams him down again and tags in EC3. Carter methodically surveys the ring and then slaps around Spud. Spud rears back with a slap of his own, knocking down Carter and giving him time to tag in Young. Young gets all over Carter, ultimately nailing him with an elbow drop. A near fall follows and EC3 slips outside, followed by Tyrus. Young takes them out with a dive, they stand up and then Spud takes them out. Tyrus and Spud end up back inside. Tyrus goes to the cover but Carter's the legal man so he comes back in and covers. EC3 and Tyrus advance. Good match.

Result: EC3 and Tyrus defeat Eric Young and Rock Star Spud via pinfall.

After some commercials, Kurt Angle comes out for the contract signing. He says there will be a special stipulation announced for that match shortly. Both guys come out and Kurt asks each side if they have anything to say. Roode says he was way close the first time and that he's ready to go all the way in their rematch. MVP gets involved, calls Roode "Yoko Ono" for some reason and then cuts a promo on Roode. Angle says he's naming himself as the special referee for the match. MVP says they won't agree but Lashley signs the contract anyway and we have a match…next week!

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