Triple H Talks Randy Orton Attacking Seth Rollins, A World Without John Cena, Survivor Series, More

Above is the latest sitdown interview with Triple H and Michael Cole. Below are highlights:

* Regarding Randy Orton being upset at Triple H praising Seth Rollins on RAW and hitting the RKO, Triple H says it will be dealt with internally. Cole brought up how it happened again after Triple H said the same thing last week. Triple H brushed it off and said cooler heads will prevail. Triple H said he has it all under control.

* Cole asks if he and Stephanie McMahon really thought John Cena would join The Authority. Triple H said it gets harder every year after a certain point and it's getting harder for Cena. Cena keeps taking his beatings but it's getting harder to come back. Triple H wondered how easy it would be for Cena if he was with The Authority. Cena is everything they want in The Authority, except his refusal to work within the system. Triple H said there's a world coming without John Cena and it's called the future. Triple H said Cena can't hold the future off because it comes for all of us. Triple H said if you handle the future the right way, you end up like him.

* Cole brought up how hard it's going to be for Cena to get partners for Survivor Series. Triple H doesn't believe that's unfair. If Cena wants to fight the system, this is fighting the system. Triple H said Cena can be very persuasive but so can he. Cole said some would say what Triple H does is intimidating, not being persuasive. Cole asked if Triple H sent the locker room to deal with Cena and Dolph Ziggler at the end of RAW. Triple H said he did not and what we saw was an entire locker room trying to make a statement. Triple H said he has an entire locker room of guys who are dying to be the future.


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