WWE Tag Team Titles: The Usos vs. Stardust and Goldust

We go to the ring and out first comes The Usos. WWE Tag Team Champions Stardust and Goldust are out next. Stardust starts off with Jimmy Uso and takes him down first. Stardust talks some trash and gets slapped around.

Jey Uso and keeps control. Goldust still tags in but Uso gets the upperhand. Jimmy tags in for some double teaming and a 2 count. Stardust makes the tag and unloads on Uso. Stardust brings it back in the ring and tags in Goldust for some double teaming. Uso looks to make a comeback but Goldust hits the powerslam for a 2 count. Stardust comes back in and keeps Uso down. Stardust and Goldust keep making tags. Goldust finally runs into an uppercut and gets dumped to the floor by Jimmy. Jey finally gets the tag and dives out onto Goldust. Stardust gets tossed out. Jey leaps onto him also. Jey brings Goldust in and goes to the top for a big crossbody and a 2 count. Uso with a Samoan Drop and another 2 count.

Uso hits the Rikishi splash and another 2 count. Uso takes out Stardust but Goldust nails a spinebuster for a close 2 count. Goldust with big chops in the corner. Uso ducks the back elbow off the second rope. Goldust eats a superkick for another 2 count. The Usos both end up climbing up corners with their opponents. They both nail superplexes and everyone is down. Stardust gets in a cheap shot, allowing Goldust to hit his finisher for the win.

Winners: Stardust and Goldust