WWE Superstars Results (With Video): Tyson Kidd Continues Streak, Divas Match

This week's show kicks off with all of the customary pomp and grandeur and then we head down to ringside.

Emma vs. Summer Rae w/Layla

Before the bell, Renee makes some Mean Girls references directed at the duo of Summer and Layla as Emma does her signature dancing moves. They lock up to get things moving and initially it looks as if Emma will be able to hang with Summer in this one. But Renee powers up quickly, mostly out of anger because Emma won't go down easy. She peppers Emma with punches on the mat, at one point landing a near fall. Frustrated, she works over Emma in the corner until the ref gets her to break. Summer gets another near fall and goes in for some mat grappling as Layla taunts Emma from the outside. Emma comes back with a cross=body off the ropes and turns things around, trapping Summer in a submission move on the ropes. She then goes in for the Emma lock but Layla catches her attention on the apron and the distraction costs Emma the match as Summer gets the roll-up and three-count.

Result: Summer Rae defeats Emma via pinfall.

Next up, we get a recap of the action from Hell in a Cell as well as some of the fallout from Monday Night Raw. Then we're back in action.

Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd w/Natalya

Kid heels it up almost immediately, tossing Sin Cara and mugging to the crowd. Sin Cara strikes back and gets the people on his side. They trade blows and Sin Cara works Kidd into a submission move and a near fall. Kidd responds with some offense of his own and earns a near fall. Sin Cara takes to the air in the next series and both guys end up outside when Kidd gets clocked with a baseball slide. Back inside, Kidd gets the jump on Sin Cara and regains control. After a short break, they grapple on the ropes and Kidd stays on top. After some mat work, Kidd bounces Sin Cara around for a lengthy stretch and applies a submission hold. The luchador escapes with a backdrop but Kidd gets up first. Tyson tries to sling Cara across the ring but Sin Cara reverses it and takes control of the match. After a back and forth battle on the turnbuckle, Sin Cara puts Kidd down for a near fall. Kidd goes for a sharpshooter but can't lock it in. Sin Cara gets in some impressive spots as well, slamming down Kidd for another near fall. The turning point comes in a series outside of the ring as Tyson retreats. Sin Cara moves in, Natalya temporarily shields her hubby and Kidd then drops him on the ring apron. Back inside, Kidd follows up with a spinning neck breaker and pins Sin Cara for the win.

Result: Tyson Kidd defeats Sin Cara via pinfall.

The final segment in the show is a recap of the main event from this week's Raw.


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