Beth Phoenix On A Possible WWE Return, Advice For NXT Divas, Motherhood Compared To WWE

- WWE's website recently caught up with former Women's Champion Beth Phoenix. Phoenix currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina with WWE Hall of Famer Edge and their baby.

Beth commented on how her life as a mom compares to her life in WWE:

"It's challenging, but in different ways. The challenge with WWE was keeping up with the schedule and trying to stay healthy and uninjured during that time. Now, with motherhood, the biggest responsibility is trying to protect this little baby and care for her and her needs. So the shift has gone from a very egocentric world to making sure that she's okay. So it's just a shift in your priorities. I'm learning so much about myself. That's the biggest difference. I'd say the speed doesn't change, but it's just in different areas. It's still a fast-moving life."

Beth also gave props to NXT trainer Sara Amato (Sara Del Rey) and offered some advice for the NXT Divas:

"I guess the only advice I could give is to keep your eyes and ears open, but don't necessarily keep your mouth shut. Don't give anybody a reason to second-guess you. Be ready for your opportunity when it comes. When I was in developmental, the status quo was to be like Trish. But I was like, "You already have a Trish. You don't need another Trish." I wanted to be the first me."

Regarding a potential return to WWE for The Glamazon, Beth commented:

"Hey, I would say there's always a chance. Never say never. I can't tell you what tomorrow brings, let alone next year. But I'm physically capable and it's always possible."

Source: WWE


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