CM Punk Talks Backstage Issues With Triple H, HHH Killing His Momentum, His Reply About A Drug Test

As you've heard by now, CM Punk dropped a two hour-long pipe bomb (although he hates the term) last night, talking about his departure from WWE on Colt Cobana's Art of Wrestling podcast. You can check out highlights from the podcast here, or click here to listen to it. Throughout the episode, Punk discussed his issues with Triple H.


Regarding his relationship with Triple H, Punk said that he never had good vibes around him. He'd always heard that Triple H didn't like him, but wasn't sure. He added it up because Triple H would always look at him sideways and was really indirect with him.

Punk noted that he was set for the 12 Rounds 2 movie, but asked Triple H if it would interfere with the upcoming European tour since he was the WWE Champion at the time. Hunter replied that he wasn't sure and gave Punk the run around. While he admitted that WWE movies were "lame as f–k," he thought it would be a good way to get his foot in the door if he decided to do more acting after retirement. Without even being notified of the change, Punk heard on the internet that Randy Orton was handed the role as the company needed its champion on the tour. Punk would later ask Hunter why he didn't call him to let him know about the change, but never got a good answer.


One of Punk's most public of complaints was his desire to main event WrestleMania 29. When he took this issue to Triple H and Vince McMahon, Triple H said, "you are in a main event with Undertaker." Punk then asked Triple H if he was being paid the same as the Rock, John Cena, Triple H or Brock Lesnar, and Triple H dismissed the question.

Punk said that when he was leaving the company after The Royal Rumble, he had a conversation with Vince McMahon, and said that Triple H needed to be in the room too. Punk ripped into Triple H for cutting off his momentum in 2011, and told Triple H that he shouldn't have been putting over a semi-retired wrestler during his hottest period. Punk and Cabana noted that Triple H essentially came out of retirement to beat Punk, and then went back into retirement shortly thereafter.

Also during that conversation, Punk was asked to take a drug test, shortly after undergoing a concussion test. When he complained about it, Triple H said Batista just underwent the same drug test. Not satisfied, Punk asked if Triple H underwent the same test, to which he didn't get an answer.

Punk later noted that he received a call from Triple H two days before he was getting married, who he hadn't spoken to since he left. Punk let the call go to voicemail and sent Triple H a text letting him know that he was getting married in two days, and that he would call him after the honeymoon. He also asked about his royalty check that he never received. Triple H never replied, and days later – on his wedding day – Punk received a letter informing him that he was fired and wouldn't be receiving royalties because he breached his contract.


The two-hour long podcast goes into great detail about his exit from the company, and he's slated to answer fan questions next week. To listen to the full podcast, click here.

Source: The Art of Wrestling Podcast