DDP Talks Possible WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Call From Steve Austin About His Hulk Hogan Match

Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with NotInHallofFame.com. The full interview is available at this link. During the interview, Page commented on possibly going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"I think at some point it will happen," Page said. "Steve Austin said to me the other day 'No one ever did it the way you did it at such a success level'. He said to me that he was waiting for me to go in, and when it happens it happens. I'm honored that the CAC and National Wrestling Hall of Fame inducted me, and I would be honored if the WWE put me in their Hall of Fame. I'm focused on what's happening right now with DDP YOGA and last year to get to induct Jake and with Scott being inducted in the same year, and they both came out of my house, you know DDP's Accountability Crib."

Page also talked about main eventing against Hulk Hogan on WCW Nitro and receiving a phone call from Steve Austin the next day. Austin asked Page how he got such a good match out of Hogan.

"Yeah, he called me the next night," Page admitted. "Me and him have always been tight. In 1997 and 1998 the number one pro wrestler in the world from Pro Wrestling Illustrated was Steve Austin. The number four wrestlers in both years was Diamond Dallas Page. So, surely, I was in the top ten. From nowhere to top ten. Obviously, the people who didn't believe in me or were trying to hold me down were wrong. When I first became a wrestler at 35 people laughed. Michael P.S. Hayes fell down laughing. He also called me up in 1996 after a match up with Sting and said he was never happier to eat crow in his entire life."


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