Dean Malenko Talks Eddie Guerrero Feud, Name Change For Charlotte?, Survivor Series Tickets

- WWE's website recently published an article on the rivalry between Dean Malenko and the late Eddie Guerrero. WWE agent Malenko said he and Guerrero were always trying to outdo themselves:

"How do you top yourselves? That's where the creative part comes in," Malenko said. "Eddie had a trust in me and I trusted him to have the right plan for a particular night. I knew exactly every step he would take and vice versa, and it was fun because it wasn't like a job. It was just going out there and enjoying the fruits of your labor with somebody who has the same passion and thought process as you."

- It's worth noting that WWE listed NXT Women's Champion Charlotte as Charlotte Flair in the announcement on the WrestleMania 31 ticket party. Up until now they have just used the Charlotte name. There's been a lot of speculation that Charlotte will be called to the main roster after the next live NXT special in December.

- The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there were 11,000 tickets out for purchase and 4,000 tickets unsold for the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view as of this week. WWE is selling family packs of four tickets for the price of three, which is rare for a pay-per-view.


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