– NYIslesBlog.com has an article here about some NY Islanders season ticket holders wanting the Yes! chants to end when the Islanders score a goal.

“The calls have been coming in on weekly basis, asking to end the chants after goals,” an Islanders ticket rep told the blog. “A majority of the callers have been the older demographic, which make up a large portion of our season ticket holders.”

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– As noted earlier, WWE ended up not appearing at Mick Foley’s one-man show in Brooklyn this past Sunday night as expected for a future Network special. One of our readers noted that Foley came out on stage and said that there was an error or misunderstanding of some kind and that the show was not being taped. To compensate for that, everyone got a free 8×10 photo to have autographed after the show. You can check out a photo of Foley at the show below:

Mick Foley on stage at the Bell House Comedy Show in Brooklyn last Sunday.

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