Jesse Sorensen Talks Dixie Carter "Working Him," Money Problems For TNA Talent, His New Job, More

Jesse Sorensen was on the BS Wrestling Report last night to talk about his career. Sorensen mentioned his retirement and said it was due to injuries and getting promoted in his real-world job and being able to make decent money there. He wouldn't rule out a return at some point.

Jesse feels that Dixie Carter "worked him." She promised to pay his medical bills and said that he'd always have a job after his neck injury. They fell out when his medical bills weren't paid, and he told her and management he was intending to sue the company. Right after that he was offered the production job and he admitted, "being young and stupid," he took it. By the time he was released, the time he could sue had expired. He said that he's learned in wrestling that you can't trust anyone.Visit Wrestling Inc. He did say that things are better now between him and Dixie, and they text each other sometimes.

He said that he did learn a lot while working in production and people don't realize how hard those guys work.

He mentions that when he was wrestling, TNA made it difficult for him to get indie dates because they charged too much money. Also, even if you did find an indie promoter willing to pay all that, by the time TNA took their cut you were essentially wrestling for peanuts.

He doubts TNA will ever go broke because of Panda Energy.

He says life on the road is tough money-wise for lower card TNA and WWE guys. He mentioned meeting Paul London when he was a WWE tag champion and assuming London was rich, only for him to say that because of all the road and food expenses, he really wasn't. Visit Wrestling Inc. He said in TNA you regularly had 4 or 5 guys splitting a $30 a night hotel room.

Sorensen said his new job covers road expenses, which is a nice change from the wrestling business. Checks being regularly late was a big problem in TNA. He mentions when he was working in production, he would go to get guys ready for an interview and they'd tell him that they weren't doing it unless their paycheck came.