King Mo recently stopped by Submission Radio. You can listen to the full appearance above, below are some highlights:

Whom King Mo would want to have a match with at Wrestlemania:

“Man, I’ve got a bunch of names. Man right now I’d love to face Cesaro. Cesaro. I wouldn’t mind Bobby Roode or Austin Aries, Samoa Joe – Samoa Joe, if we had a stiff style match that would be great. Hideo Otani, [Kenta] Kobayashi, I would mind facing him. And then from the old school too, X-Pac, Konnan and my boy The Great Muta, ’cause like I wouldn’t mind taking the green mist to the eyes, you know what I’m saying?”

Not getting the Great Muta’s autograph because he ‘marked’ out:

“No man, I was just too scared. I was scared man [laughs]. It’s like this, when I see pro wrestlers, like I freeze up. I saw Konnan, Konnan was at my fight, MVP, X-Pac, Scott Hall was supposed to come but he couldn’t make it. Konnan got me the phone with Rey Mysterio jr [on the line], and I was like “Oh my god, Rey Mysterio. We’re doing skype, I can see him without his mask on. And he still looks like he’s 22 years old”. And I was freezing up, I couldn’t stop smiling, I was hugging Konnan. The thing is like with me when it comes to wrestlers, I grew up watching these guys. So like they entertained me.

“I’m a big wrestling fan. I just grew up watching it. Back then when I was growing up, wrestling was my MMA.”

The latest news with King Mo and TNA now that they have moved from Spike TV, if that means his relationship with them is over:

“I have no idea. I hope not. I’m always a TNA supporter to the end, but well see. I don’t know yet, but we’ll see.”

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