Lana Responds To John Cena & Calls Out Hulk Hogan, Former WWE Star Endorses Madusa For HOF

- With a career unmatched by most women in the professional wrestling industry, Madusa is one of the most notable omissions from the WWE Hall of Fame. Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm feels her induction is long overdue.

"When you compare Madusa's 17 yr career (14 yrs in major promotions) to those already in the HOF, how can she not be a viable candidate?" Storm wrote in a commentary on his official website. "The only reason I can come up with to deny her, her spot in the WWE HOF is possible heat left over from her dumping the WWF Women's Title into the trash on WCW Nitro. While I can see that being a sore spot, WWE has since employed Eric Bischoff, the guy who hired her and made her do to it. Hulk Hogan has also been welcomed back into the fold and given his rightful spot in the HOF, and certainly his role in the Monday Night WAR against WWE was much more damaging than Madusa's."

To read his piece, click here.

- After Rusev captured the United States Championship from Sheamus Monday night, the legendary Hulk Hogan voiced his displeasure with the "Hero of the Russian Federation" holding the strap.

"Sad day for America and WWE Universe, Rusev as US Heavyweight Champion makes me sick, John Cena where are you when we need you brother," Hogan wrote on Twitter.

Lana responded to his message with the following: "BOO HOO HOO so sad! WE DO NOT CARE! @RusevBUL will #CRUSH your precious @JohnCena & then take your #WWEHWTitle."


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