Lucha Underground Preview (11/12)

Battle lines were drawn last week on Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma were defiant in their opposition of owner Dario Cueto. The tandem defeated Cisco and Castro, who were hired by Cueto. The two will likely be forced to overcome more obstacles thrown at them by a frustrated Castro.

AAA luchadores Drago, Fenix Jr. and Pentagon Jr make their Lucha Underground debuts and square off in a three way fight.

Chavo Guerrero was also in the spotlight, as he blasted Sexy Star with the chairshot heard 'round the world on his way to turning on Star, Blue Demon Jr, and the fans. What will the third generation superstar have to say about his actions this week?

The first two weeks of Lucha Underground saw the debut of new stars, as well as the presence of familiar American faces and lucha libre legends. Tune in tonight at 8 pm eastern on El Rey to see what else is in store.


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