WWE Hall Of Famer Discusses Lawsuit, Dodges Question Regarding Bruiser Brody's Murder, More

WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher recently appeared on Dobashi's Radio Takedown, a podcast hosted by independent wrestler Diafullah Dobashi. Asked by a fan about the lawsuit filed against him by Canadian wrestler Devon Nicholson?a.k.a Hannibal?which alleged that he'd contracted hepatitis C from Abdullah, the retired wrestler shared his opinions regarding the veracity of Nicholson's original complaint.

"Number one, he was the promoter. Devon was the promoter," explained Abdullah. "?Two, I could never make it there because I couldn't fly on the plane because of my hip replacement? I've been in the business 52 years?52 years I was in the business?I wrestled Hulk Hogan?I wrestled all of them; every top guy, right? And this guy comes up with this gimmick trying to make some money off Abdullah the Butcher. That's all I'm going to say? Whatever he wants to do, let him do it, because I have back up for him."

Dobashi shared that Bobby Fulton and Tracy Smothers have both personally told him that they don't think that Abdullah the Butcher has caused anyone to contract hepatitis C.

"When you get in the ring with Abdullah the Butcher," Abdullah added, "you have to check every wrestler who has been in the business? everybody would have to be checked," implying that it's unlikely that he would be the direct cause of another wrestler contracting the disease. He noted that he had been a vocal proponent of mandatory testing for AIDS while he was actively working in professional wrestling.

In June 2014, Nicholson was awarded $2.3 million dollars in damages as a result of his lawsuit against Abdullah. (In the video above?which predates this interview as well as the aforementioned civil judgment?Abdullah denies cutting Nicholson and refutes claims that he has hepatitis C.)

Asked about the murder of Bruiser Brody, Abdullah declined to speak at length, saying, "There's no comment," he answered. "What happened between those two guys?the past is the past and what happened between those two guys?it's none of my business."

Abdullah the Butcher also discussed a charity initiative he is currently spearheading called Flowers While They Lived" that aims to feed the homeless. He also shared memories of the late Ox Baker and talked about his ongoing rivalry with the show's host, Diafullah Dobashi.

You can listen to the entire podcast at this link.