WWE Mentions Sting TNA Accomplishment, Brie - AJ Kiss Edited, Tyler Reks Interview Update, More

- When Sting made his WWE debut at the Survivor Series this past Sunday night, JBL noted that Sting was a 6 time WCW World Champion and a 2 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion. WrestlingINC.com reader Immortal1 pointed out that one of Sting's NWA World title reigns was in TNA back when TNA recognized that championship, so WWE technically acknowledged a part of Sting's career in TNA.

- The Brie Bella - AJ Lee kiss at last Sunday's pay-per-view was edited out in India and other South Asian countries.

- The second part of our interview with Gabe Tuft, f.k.a. Tyler Reks, will be published here on WrestlingINC.com this coming Monday, not today as I originally mentioned. Click here for part one, where Reks talked about about breaking into the business, if he was ready for the main roster when he debuted, his first WrestleMania experience, his issues with John Cena, how Cena reacted, his Body Spartan fitness book and more.

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Immortal1 contributed to this article.


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