SLAM! Wrestling reports that SmackDown will be moving to Wednesdays in Canada from 8-10pm on Sportsnet 360 starting January 14, 2015. If NXT on the WWE Network moves to Wednesdays as expected, it will put the two shows head-to-head. The show was moved to Wednesdays because NHL games air on Sportsnet on Thursday nights.

– WWE issued a survey this week to gauge user’s viewing habits. The survey asked which types of entertainment they watched (TNA, UFC, NHL and MMA are among the options), which wrestler is their favorite, who their favorite legend is (CM Punk, Sting and The Rock are some of the options), if they are aware of the WWE Network and if they subscribe. You can check out a screenshot from one screen of the survey here.

– WWE Hall of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura appeared on Ronan Farrow Daily earlier today on MSNBC. Ventura mostly discussed Navy Seal and military conduct. You can watch the segment on MSNBC by clicking here, the title of the video is SEAL Team: Me.

Jelo G. Cantos, @WrestlingHub, @PhidMcAwesome and Tuckarundo contributed to this article.