Alberto Del Rio Headed To ROH, Top MMA Group Contacts Del Rio, Tito Ortiz On UFC Signing CM Punk

- TMZ caught up with Bellator MMA Superstar Tito Ortiz, as seen in the video above. In the video, Ortiz said that he sees himself fighting for another year and plans to fight for the Bellator light heavyweight title. Ortiz was also asked about CM Punk signing with UFC. Despite his problems with the UFC, Ortiz congratulated Punk and said that it was a good business decision.


"They're making money, it's great for them," Ortiz said. "If he [Punk] likes getting punched in the face for a living, then he'll make money, if he doesn't like getting punched in the face, then he'll get one fight."

- Speaking of Bellator MMA, Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer newsletter that the MMA group contacted Alberto Del Rio on December 8th after they lost out on Punk. No word on what came of those talks.

Meltzer also noted that Del Rio will be appearing at several ROH shows in January. He is also still slated to join Lucha Underground, although no contract has been signed as of yet.

damien demento contributed to this article.