Alex Riley Talks About The #FreeRiley Hashtag, Why He's A Bray Wyatt Fan, Recently Returning

Chad Dukes of CBS Radio Washington DC 106.7 The Fan and spoke with Alex Riley. The full interview is at this link but here are a few highlights:

His match with Tyson Kidd at the WWE Fairfax live event:


"I wasn't nervous man, I was just excited. I was just so excited to get an opportunity to get back out there again because I really have missed it so much, being inside the ring and continuing to be an athlete doing all that stuff. When I drew the lucky Tyson Kidd draw for a match, because I really didn't have any idea who I was gonna be with, that just kinda made me more excited because he's such a pro. What a competitor and a great opponent."

The #FreeRiley hashtag:

"This guy had wrote a review of the match and talked about 'hey we need to get this guy back in the ring and let him wrestle a bit' and #Free Riley. So I was like that's great, it's short, it's concise, people get it, and I believe in it. I certainly don't feel like I'm in a cage per se, I'm getting a hell of an opportunity to be a commentator, but I'm one of those guys who I wake up and its the first thing on my mind, it's the first thing, I wake up I go right to the gym. I'm very dedicated to every single detail of this business and what it takes to be great in this business.


"The Free Riley is like let me go out, let me do everything that I can do. Let me fulfill all this potential I have. Let me put all this passion into everything."

Bray Wyatt:

"I'm a huge fan of what Bray Wyatt has done. He's a guy that was kinda written off. He was sent back down to FCW they didn't really have a plan for him, although they knew he had talent and they didn't know what they were gonna do with it. He was faced with either create something, be something, do something out of the park or find another gig and when you're faced with that there's a lot of pressure.

"He came back, he was Bray Wyatt. He's an incredible speaker, so charismatic, he's good in the ring, and honestly he's a good dude. He's a hard working guy. He's a guy that really cares about the details, he wants everything to be 100% correct. I just appreciate guys like that and I'd love to work with him for that reason."