Backstage News On Why Charlotte Lost On RAW, What Natalya Requested, Vince And Triple H

The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE had planned for NXT Women's Champion Charlotte and Natalya to face off in a singles match on Monday's Slammy Awards RAW but then changed it to a tag team match, then finally deciding on going with the singles match. Due to the awards, they were running low on time and the decision was made for them to do a quick singles match.

It was a Vince McMahon decision for Charlotte to lose and there was a feeling that if Triple H had his way, Charlotte would have went over. In the tag match, Charlotte was the one who would have scored the pinfall for her team. When it was changed to a singles match, Natalya reportedly asked to lose the match because she felt it was the right thing.

Vince decided against it and Triple H sort of defended the move, bringing up the timing issues and saying that in six months when they bring Charlotte in again, people won't remember this happened.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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