Booker T Talks Sting In WWE, Harlem Heat Reuniting

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was recently interviewed by The Roman Show at Ronin Pro Wrestling in South Florida. During the interview, Booker T talked about a Harlem Heat reunion and said that he might reunite with his brother, Stevie Ray, next year.

"There might be a reunion between me and my brother in the near future in 2015," Booker T said. "I always say I want to end my career as I started my business and that was all because of my brother, Stevie Ray. I want to put on those tights with my brother right by my side against the Dudleys, the Nastys', even with the Young Bucks."

Where it might take place is up in the air, but he did say that it may happen in WWE.

"I wouldn't pass by putting in the WWE," he said. "That's not our goal, its about putting on our tights... It's nostalgic."

Booker T also spoke about Sting's debut in the WWE.

"I never say 'never', I always thought Sting should have taken his place in the WWE," he said. "He is a Hall of Famer. Seeing him in the ring is a moment that many wrestling fans will remember."

You can watch the full interview in the video above.


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