Brie Bella Makes "Huge Decision," Republican Politician On How WWE Helped Her Career

- The Bella Twins recently spoke to E! Online about the new season of Total Divas. In the video, Brie admitted to having "baby fever," and teased a major decision.

"You actually have to tune-in this season," Brie said. "Because there is a huge decision I have to make and it's kind of crazy what the cameras caught so I'm really excited because it's a really big moment in my life."

"It doesn't help that two of our cousins and three of our best friends are all pregnant," Nikki added.

- The Courant has an interview here with Connecticut Rep. Themis Klarides, who is the minority leader of the Connecticut House of Representatives. Klarides worked as a ring card girl on Monday Night RAW in the 90s, which was used against her the first time she ran for statewide office. The article noted that in-between matches on RAW, she would go backstage and study her law review books. Despite being a ring card girl 20 years ago, she was described as a WWE wrestler in political mailers, which included a fake win-loss record and signature move.

"I'm reading this thinking, 'are you kidding me?,'" Klarides said of the mailer. She did say that being a model and working with WWE helped her "become more confident in public."


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