Brie Bella Reacts To Daniel Bryan's Return, How Many Episodes Of WWE RAW Had A Clean Finish In 2014?

- In the video above, Brie Bella reacts to Daniel Bryan announcing that he'll be returning to action at the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble match. Brie noted that the past year has been an emotional roller coaster, and while it's been their best year, it's also been their hardest. She said that she is so proud of Daniel, who is the strongest and greatest man on the planet. She noted that they had discussed Daniel's decision to return because someone's neck is always a big concern, but she knows her husband and he knows his body.

- MoronBall.Com passed the following stat to us regarding clean finishes on RAW in 2014: WWE has a recent knack of not delivering television main events that end in decisive finishes. Just how bad was it in 2014? Out of 52 episodes in 2014, 18 Raw episodes out of 52 (34.6%) had a decisive finish to a main event; the rest of the shows either ended in a segment, or ended in some sort of non-finish. So yes, only 34.6% of Raw episodes had a legitimate main event finish. At one point around Wrestlemania, there was a stretch with one real finish to a main event over an 11-week span. Later in the year, there was also a stretch of eight straight weeks without a finish in a main event.


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