Chael Sonnen Says CM Punk Wanted To Fight Him, UFC Responds To Lawsuit, Rousey & Jon Jones

- Former three-time UFC championship contender Chael Sonnen responded to UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz about rumors that CM Punk wanted to fight Chael Sonnen.

Ortiz said he had heard that Punk sought the fight to prove to fans that he could do it. Sonnen said "That's true. Texted me directly"


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- The UFC has responded to the lawsuit in which we reported about here.

The company said: "The UFC is aware of the action filed today but has not been served, nor has it had the opportunity to review the document. The UFC will vigorously defend itself and its business practices."

- Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey are the newest Reebok-sponsored athletes, as the brand will launch their new line of MMA and UFC apparel. The line will also include a range of footwear dedicated to those who train in combat sports.

"Not only are Ronda and Jon admired by millions of UFC fans, but they also are among the fittest, most disciplined athletes in the world, and an inspiration to the millions of people around the globe who train like fighters," said Reebok President Matt O'Toole. "We're looking forward to working with each of them and tapping into their insight and expertise to create world-class training products and fight gear."


Reebok and UFC reached a multi-year deal to make Reebok the exclusive apparel sponsor of the brand. The agreement starts in July 2015, and will see fighters reimbursed based on their official UFC rankings.

Damien Demento contributed to this article.