Chris Jericho Responds To CM Punk's Comments About Him On Colt Cabana's Podcast

In the video above, Chris Jericho responds to some comments CM Punk made about Jericho on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast. Punk mentioned that Chris Jericho contacted him, but insinuated that he may have had an agenda in trying to get Punk's story on his podcast.

Jericho called Punk a friend, so he was surprised about what he said. Jericho said that he never asked Punk to do the podcast after Punk left WWE, although he did ask him in December. He said that there was a date planned, but that Punk pulled out because he didn't have anything good to say about wrestling.

Jericho said that he did text Punk several times after Punk left, but never asked him to do the podcast. He said that there may have been others trying to get information from him, but he wasn't one of them. Jericho said he has no ill will towards Punk and considers him a friend. Jericho noted that he kind of understood why Punk left, because he was in a similar position in 2005. He finished by saying he would talk about it more on his podcast.


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