Chris Jericho Talks Backstage Incident With Goldberg And If He Wants A Rematch, Fozzy, MMA

The Roman Show caught up with Chris Jericho at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room. During the interview, Jericho discussed Fozzy and their live performances. Jericho also discussed the backstage scuffle he had with Goldberg after Goldberg first signed with WWE in 2003.

"It was a different world then," Jericho said. "Things happen all the time. When everybody is holding on to their position like I got to do this, I got to do that, Goldberg and I saw wrestling from both sides of a different coin. But both of us were very successful.

"There wasn't a lot of interest on his end to work with me in WCW. There was a little animosity between us that transferred to the WWE. We had a scuffle it wasn't what everyone says where Jericho took him down and tied him in a knot. I stood up for myself and held my ground. It was what it was. It was unfortunate for Bill, it was on his first day, so he kind of got labeled right off the bat."

Jericho said that he wouldn't want to face Goldberg again, noting that he's twice his size.

"If you want to score it, OK, Jericho - 1, Goldberg - 0. There will never be a rematch, ever. If it ever happens, I'll run away screaming because... I'm not going to say I got lucky, but I'm glad the outcome was the way it was because I thought he was going to tear my head off. Bill's a good guy man, I have nothing but love for him, nothing but respect."

Jericho also was asked if he would enter mixed martial arts.

"Hell no!" he said. "Not even close. I am in show biz. I would never even consider it. I am not a tough guy. I just play one on TV."

He also described Fozzy's live shows.

"Its like Van Helan back in 1979 everyone is having fun," he said. "If you go back and watch those videos you don't have pyro or elaborate stage set. They are the show. We are the show."

You can watch the full interview in the video above.


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