CM Punk Accepts MMA Challenge?, Chael Sonnen Claims To Know Who Punk Will Fight

- As noted earlier, MMA fighter Jason David Frank, better known as the Green Power Ranger, has been challenging CM Punk to an MMA fight for years and immediately called him out on his Facebook page following the Punk – UFC announcement this past weekend. There are rumors that Punk accepted the challenge stemming from a story on, but I seriously doubt it.


- Chael Sonnen spoke to about Punk signing with the UFC. Sonnen said that he expects that Punk will be in the main event or co-main event of the show he fights on due to his price tag, and that he has "a pretty good idea who his opponent is."

"I'm going to keep that close to the vest," Sonnen said. "It would not make sense to give him a bottom-tier guy.... he is not a bottom-tier guy, I can tell you that. You will know who he is and he will be a pretty-heavy favorite to win. Punk is not going to come in as the favorite."

Darren Frey contributed to this article.