CM Punk Denies Chael Sonnen Story, Talks AJ Lee Working For WWE, If He's Ever Been Punched

CM Punk continued making the media rounds this week, appearing on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg. Here are the highlights:

* Landsberg asks if Punk's been punched in the face before, and Punk says he has and it sucks. Landsberg says he thinks Dana White is protecting Punk by saying he'll fight someone near his experience level.

* Punk said he didn't think Nate Diaz called him out. He said he respects Diaz and is still a fan of his. He said he'll fight anybody given the proper time to prepare for it, despite it not being the smartest move. He said he'd also fight anyone for the right price.

* Punk said wrestling is more dangerous because "the show must go on."

* CM Punk says the rumors about him challenging Chael Sonnen wasn't true and it was "Chael being Chael." He said he asked Chael to corner him or be his wrestling coach and he took it to the next level.

* Landsberg asks how Punk can says that he's not going to go back. Punk says he can't say for sure, but he has no desire to come back, and he doesn't think that WWE desires him back yet, either.

* Punk is asked about his wife, AJ Lee working for the company. He says that them having separate careers has made their relationship stronger.

* He said that he wants to move on from his past in WWE and focus on his UFC career.

* Landsberg asks if his questions have pissed Punk off, and Punk says that the interview is wrestling-centric and he's there to talk about the UFC. Punk then ripped Landsberg for thinking he was "hot sh-t."


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