CM Punk Messes With Employee, Bobby Lashley Torn On Punk In UFC, Punk On Power Ranger's Challenge

- As noted earlier, CM Punk spoke with HuffPost Live during his media blitz yesterday. In the video above, Punk messes with a HuffPost employee.

- Bobby Lashley was interviewed by Ring Rust Radio and was asked about CM Punk joining UFC.

"My jump was after I left pro-wrestling," Lashley said. "I still had that competitive edge and felt like I was in great physical shape without too many miles on my body. I felt like I could go through training camps and be able to be healthy. So when I got out I jumped right into it. I think the big factor is getting into a good camp. I was in a good camp where they said, 'Bobby we know you are a pro-wrestler and now you are in our room. We aren't going to baby you. We're going to go after you like we would anyone else.' I think that's good and it helps keep me honest and humble at the same time.

"As far as the other side, I have been torn about this whole CM Punk thing. I am getting torn hard both ways. I can understand it from the fighter's point of view but at the same time I can see it from CM Punk's point of view. As soon as he did it, I went online and told him, "Congratulations and do what you want to do" because that's what it's all about. It doesn't matter if people think he is ready or not, if he says he is going to do it then it's him that is going to have to step in that cage. That is where I take my hat off to him and respect him for it. It's going to be harder for him without having that extensive background to be able to do it. So I take my hat off to him and as a friend, a co-worker, I just tell him to make sure to bust your ass before going out there because once that cage door closes it's real. There's so many people that sit off on the side, that armchair quarterback and say, 'I took a jujitsu class I had a couple fights on the street.' It is completely different. It's a physical chess match and you have to have all your pieces of the game intact before going in there.

"CM Punk is a very intelligent guy and there is no way he would have made it to the level where he is now unless he was a very intelligent guy. This move was very calculated and he knows what the next step is and the one after that. Or if he doesn't know he is going to have the right people around him to tell him. Man, I am going to tune into that fight and everyone else is so it's good for everyone. It's a win-win situation."

- In the video below, TMZ asked Punk about Jason David Frank, better known as the Green Power Ranger, wanting to face Punk in his UFC debut. Punk blew it off, and noted that speculation was "running wild" about who he would face. He once again said that he would be have his first UFC fight later in 2015.

Antonio Wyatt contributed to this article.


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