CM Punk On When He Will Make His UFC Debut, If He Has Talked To Brock Lesnar, Picking A Gym

CM Punk got the car wash treatment at ESPN headquarters today, appearing on several programs to discuss his move from WWE to UFC.

Punk said that he doesn't want to refer to his MMA career as a "bucket list thing," because he sees it as his job and something he's dedicated to. He also said he understood both perspectives of him joining the company, bad and good.


Punk said that his the first few discussions with the UFC were lighthearted, but he quickly got serious about it. He put a tentative timetable of Fall 2015 as a debut date in the octagon.

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Brock Lesnar was pointed at as a template, despite the differences in their fighting background. "I'm not patterning anything after him," Punk said. He also said he hasn't spoken to Lesnar in a couple of months.

Many MMA training teams have reached out to CM Punk, but he's yet to make a decision on his camp. He said that staying close to home is important, but he's also willing to uproot his life to make the change.