CM Punk Talks His UFC Debut, WWE's Reaction, Keeping His Name, How Long He Expects To Fight

Courtesy of, above is Ariel Helwani's second interview with CM Punk from after UFC 181 last night. below are some highlights;

* Punk said it was surreal being with UFC. He said a lot of fighters who don't have to be cool to him have been very friendly and welcoming.


* Punk talked again about staying away from the negativity on Twitter. He said he's going to ride this high and give the business all he's got.

* Regarding people talking about his 0-0 record, he said he has to start somewhere and is lucky to have a pretty enough face that he can start in UFC. Punk said he would have started somewhere else if the UFC bosses turned him down. He says it's not about UFC or the money, but he does enjoy getting paid, it's about the journey and getting to the first fight, showing people what's inside him.

* Punk said pro wrestling is a very bi-polar business and it was wearing on him. He said he never felt like he was getting back the same that he put in and when the checks start going down, it's time to move on.


* Punk knew when he first left WWE that he was getting into MMA. Helwani asked Punk if he regrets re-signing with WWE a few years ago instead of starting MMA. He said a small part of him wishes he would have done this sooner but you can't look back on your life with regret.

* Punk talked about putting some weight on when he first left but he's slimmed down and gotten back into shape. He feels like he's 15 again because the UFC deal has given him new life. Punk feels like he has something to do now. Punk said he feels better than he looks right now, adding that he feels amazing. He said stuff that bugged him for a long time don't any more.

* Punk said his lawyer was a little bit more protective than he should have been when going over the UFC deal but because of where Punk just came from, WWE, he was just looking out for Punk. Punk said he was super lenient on some things and UFC was super relaxed on other things. He said it was an awesome negotiation process.

* Punk confirmed it's a multi-fight deal and he's planning on fighting more than once unless something horrible happens. He said for the foreseeable future, UFC is his home, ad he doesn't see why he won't be fighting into his 40's. Punk is 36 now. Punk added that he feels magnificent right now.


* Punk talked about possibly siding with various camps and said he's hoping to start with one as soon as possible. He mentioned that he can't see himself walking to the Octagon without Rener Gracie.

* He says he's been CM Punk for most of his life and is CM Punk still.

* He wants his debut to take place in Chicago but he doesn't want that to affect any decision making. Punk knows when UFC is returning to Chicago but thinks it may be too soon.

* Punk isn't sure about using Cult of Personality as his walk out song yet but might.

* He's looking to train his ass off for 6 months and then re-evaluate, see where he feel and go from there.

* Helwani brought up how UFC President Dana White said he was skeptical of Punk in the UFC. Punk said he's going to make everyone a believer, including Dana. Punk says when he's done with this, he will have earned people's respect and won't settle for less. He says he won't make a mockery of the sport.

* Punk said he's ready for the criticism leading up to his debut and has been dealing with it his whole life.

* Helwani asked what Punk thinks WWE thinks about the deal with UFC. Punk said he doesn't care. He thinks they know about it but will do their best to act like they don't know "because remember, UFC is not competition."


* He does expect his UFC debut will happen on pay-per-view.

* Punk says he knows he will do good in UFC. He says in many ways, he's already won, he's just got to get to the cage. He knows people will tune in to see him either win or get beat up. He said he was on "Cloud 9" all day and hasn't been this nervous in a long time.