CM Punk Talks To ESPN SportsCenter About Vince McMahon Vs. Dana White, Top Fighter Ripping Him

CM Punk did the media rounds on ESPN today and made an appearance on SportsCenter. Here are some highlights from the interview:

- On why the change from pro wrestling to MMA, CM Punk asked "why not?" Punk said that while he's probably not ready to fight today, he would fight anybody right now. He said that he'll get there by training and honing his skills.

- Punk said that MMA incorporates so many fighting styles and that everyone's really well rounded, and that's how he'll have to come in. He once again said that he was most comfortable on the ground, and his ground game will get better as he makes his debut.

- Punk was asked about UFC welterweight Matt Brown calling him "a dumb athlete." Punk thanked Brown for calling him an athlete, and admitted to being a fan of his and called him "an awesome fighter." Everyone has an opinion, and Punk understands where a lot of the naysayers are coming from. He said that his job is to do what's best for himself and his family, and that he hopes that he can turn some people around.

- On Vince McMahon vs. Dana White, Punk said that "they're both driven, they're both set in their ways. They both have an idea of what is best for their company." He said that they are different in the difference in the generation. Punk said that Vince is very old-school, while Dana is more open-minded. Punk added that there was "more of a warmth on the UFC side" than he expected.

- Punk finished the interview by noting that people have always said that he couldn't do certain things, and he uses the negativity to fuel himself and prove people wrong.


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