CM Punk Wanted Fight With Chael Sonnen?, Potential Issue For CM Punk Fighting In The UFC

- As noted earlier, Chael Sonnen recently noted on his podcast that CM Punk's first UFC opponent would be someone that people know who "will be a pretty-heavy favorite to win." Dave Meltzer noted in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer that Punk had previously contacted Sonnen about fighting him and having a reality show leading up to the bout.

That wouldn't work since Sonnen officially announced his retirement this past year and was also suspended for two years this past summer after failing a pair of drug tests. According to Meltzer, people close to Sonnen said that he didn't want to fight someone he considers a friend anyway.

- A big hurdle for CM Punk's first UFC fight will be if he can get licensed. FOX Sports has a story here noting that top officials from the New Jersey and Nevada state athletic commissions have concerns licensing someone with no fighting experience.

"We would really have to look at this very closely," New Jersey athletic commission head Larry Hazzard said. "We would have to take a close look at it. Normally, we require some type of background as either an amateur or a professional. This would certainly raise a red flag."

Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett said that Punk getting licensed would be at the hands of the commissioners, and suggested that Punk first get some experience as an amateur.

"I would say that it would behoove him to get some amateur fights," Bennett said. "Get some amateur fights and get some experience."


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